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Snap Lock™ Tin Ceiling Tiles

Our exclusive Snap Lock™ tin ceiling tiles are the only embossed metal panels to receive patents for their unique interlocking flange system. A revolutionary installation system that screws directly into any ceiling material including cement, plaster, drywall, or popcorn, with no mess or stress, it eliminates the cost of installing a wood substrate first. The first redesign of the classic embossed metal ceiling tile in over 150 years, with just the proper screws, anyone that can use a screwdriver can have a beautiful new embossed metal ceiling up within hours. All panels regardless of pattern are 2’ x 2’. Intended for homeowner installation, watch our installation videos to see how easy it really is. Every pattern is available in every color.

Proprietary Male and Female Flanges

An external or internal ridge or rim (lip) for strength, each Snap Lock™ tile has two adjacent male sides and two female sides that literally snaps together and is held up by #6 drywall screws in neat, linear rows. When you’re installing, make sure the male sides are always facing the corners and walls with the female sides toward the center and open space. This leaves you with a clean seam and no visible fasteners.

What People Are Saying:

“We were trying to find a way to cover a popcorn ceiling without having to remove all of the popcorn. I have always loved tin ceilings and, since the home I bought was built in 1940, tin was a perfect solution. One night I was watching HGTV and saw a program where they used your ceiling panels to transform the whole kitchen. I loved it so much that I decided to carry it into the living room. ” – Jeanne

“My husband and I were remodeling our house from 1901. An earlier addition had not been done well and we were faced with large, ugly florescent lights that needed to come out. We wanted to put in can lights and didn’t feel up to redrywalling the ceiling. We’re DIY’ers, but we also know our limits! The solution was a tin ceiling. It fit our budget (small), seemed like something we could install successfully and would hide a myriad of flaws beneath its surface. After reading about your Snap Lock™ system and watching the installation video, we took the plunge. It’s one of the best home improvement decisions we have ever made. Huge impact for dollars spent and two novices put up the entire ceiling in a 11’ x 20’ room in about a day and a half.” – Catherine

“Our house is an 1892 Victorian and almost all of the original work is intact. The exceptions were the bathroom and kitchen ceilings, which had been replaced with glued on wallboard. I had previously installed a white tin ceiling in the bathroom, securing plywood and nailing it in. I liked the look, but my fingers still feel the hammer blows. When I found your interlocking panels and colors, I was ready to try installing another tin ceiling, something I swore I would never do. Well, I couldn’t be more pleased. The installation was a dream, no plywood, and no nails.” – Ned