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Unfinished Tin Ceiling Tiles

We manufacture our tin ceiling tiles from original .010 tin plated steel. Each Nail-Up, Drop-In, and Snap Lock™ tile weighs approximately 2 lbs. This is not the "economy tin" or "lightweight gray aluminum" sold by others. This is the original Bright Tin Plated Steel that is formed from 20,000 LB coil stock and stamped by our 200-300 ton metal presses. All our tiles measure 24" x 24" and ship the next business day.

We stock over 100,000 stamped UNFINISHED tin tiles in all patterns and styles - Nail-Ups, Drop-Ins, Snap Lock™, and Molding that are available for immediate shipment. We offer high quality powder-coated finishes in over 50 colors that ship in 2-10 days based on our production cycle. Hand-finished Artisan colors require a few additional steps and are available in 21-30 days.

Many customers prefer to finish their tiles themselves by painting or applying a clear polyurethane coating on them. So, while we offer powder-coated finishes in over 50 colors, we do offer unfinished tin tiles to our clients who wish to paint themselves. However, we highly recommend unfinished panels be painted or clear coated to prevent oxidation and rust.

Quantities - UnfinishedNail-Up / Drop-In Tiles Snap Lock™ Tiles
1-100 $7.00 per Panel $10.00 per Panel
101-200 $6.75 per Panel $9.75 per Panel
201-500 $6.50 per Panel $9.50 per Panel
500+ $6.00 per Panel $9.75 per Panel

*This shows discount with current Sales. Must call for discount.

Preparing Unfinished Tiles

If you plan to paint unfinished tiles you must treat them before applying paint. This requires a ‘primer’ which the paint will adhere to. Metal requires an ‘oil based’ primer that has a rust inhibitor. If you do not use a primer with a rust inhibitor, chances are that the metal panel will eventually corrode.

Clear Coat Unfinished Tiles

If you plan to seal your unfinished metal panels yourself, use a polyurethane suitable for metal. It is recommended to install a powder-coated finish for durability, however some projects require they be finished in the field. An oil based product must be used.

Types of Metal Ceilings

  • Premium-tin plated steel (offered by American Tin Ceilings) - a bright tin coating over black plate recycled steel that allows it to be clear coated. Tin plated steel costs more as real tin is used for coating. This also allows us to stock a large inventory as tin plates protect the black plate from rusting.
  • Black plate - the base metal which our leading competitors sell, and does not contain a tin coating. Black plate has a hue to it that shows up as a dull gray. The steel has no coating, resulting in rusting quickly in humid environments.
  • Aluminum - lighter than tin and gray in color. This tends to oxidize and must be cleaned with acetone prior to painting or powder coating. Aluminum is more expensive even though it does not provide the crisp patterns due to the softness of the metal.